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The metaphorical hymen of the anus. Like the hymen, this is "broken" upon penetration to the aformentioned area, eliminating the subject's anal virginity.
So...is that behymen still intact?
by Silly Whitey November 08, 2003
Powerful creatures were born from children’s apathy for falling recreational equipment. Dressed in Mounty uniforms and riding toy moose, their heads are donned with football helmets signed by Josef Stalin. These fairies have concocted a brilliant scheme to take over Antarctica, long heralded as the “Party Capital of the Tundra.” Have been known to throw volleyballs at random teens.
WHAT THE- This can't physically possible. It must be those damn Fast Canadian Pixies!!!
by Silly Whitey November 11, 2003
The official deity and religion of the Kraznan Empire. Created when "666" is added to "hell" on a calculator (1134 turned upside down). Still a more plausible creation then Christianity's, though.
And now, let us pray to the almighty Oobi. Oobi...Oobi...Oobi....
by Silly Whitey November 08, 2003
Formal and kick-ass name for Kraznania.
See Kraznania.
by Silly Whitey November 16, 2003
A member or citizen of Kraznania.
I am Kraznan pure.
by Silly Whitey November 16, 2003
The furure world superpower. A massive, soon-to-be empire made up of Slovakia, Outer Mongolia, Mrs. Potocki's trailer, and other locales. Will form alliances with such obscure countries as Jamaica and Taiwan (which IS a country). Will have the greatest, yet most fucked-up military the world has ever seen, with Sniggle Troops, Wheelchair Troops, Jihad Troops, Penguin Luftwaffe, and others. Will be led by Emperor Dave, until we coup him. Fear our coming.
Kraznania will rule the world.
by Silly Whitey November 16, 2003
A small part of the Kraznan armed forces, consisting of Jeffers and some other sort person, both of whom unwittingly members of this awesome force.
Is that the Wheelchair Troops? No its the Midget Brigade!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
by Silly Whitey November 30, 2004
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