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15 definitions by signull

A toilet bowl cleaning product with a duck shaped head.
"They stole that Toilet Duck idea from me, you know. In my original sketches, I had it as a goat."
by signull June 20, 2006
A person, usually male, who has a set personality for each person(s) in his life. A double kid may be one type of kid with his mother, one with his father, one with his friends, etc.
Steve was a real double kid. When he was with his mother, he would help old ladies cross the street. At night, when he was with his friends, he would rob innocent people for their money.
by signull October 12, 2006
A disparaging term used for a paper document (usually a book) with useless information on it.
All of the Harry Potter books are a fine example of tree waste.
by signull October 12, 2006
To perform a task in an illogical fashion.
Instead of Mary signalling before turning into the parking lot, she decided to be back ass and signal after completing the turn.
by signull July 04, 2006
A motor vehicle's license plate.
Did you get the tag number on that BMW?
by signull August 22, 2006
Police lingo for meaning "drunk."
There were three DK males in the street causing a disturbance.
by signull July 30, 2006
To be extremely angry. see pissed
When I told John I had nicked his new BMW, he was bullshittin' mad.
by signull October 12, 2006