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small fuzzy creature (often slimy) who spawns from one's anal reigon. these "ass grebils" are often the cause of prolonged constipation. however these rectal-rodents can be excreted and usually are.

*how to know that YOUR ass gerbil has been ejected*

1) your feces has sharp claw-like points that scrap your cheeks
2) your feces is steaming in the toilet
3) your feces is completely impossible to break-up or compress
boy1:"wow! my very first ass gerbil!"
boy2:"cool! what color is yours?"
boy1:"orange and red!"
boy2:"wow! mine is green!"
by sigmund the dephacate April 26, 2006
1. to beat with a rubber hose/tube- used in police stations on suspects who dont cooperate during an interrogation. (see flogging)
2. a cencor for the word "fuck"
1. "oh, son your heading towards a huge flogging tonight."
2. "argh! u flogging ash roll!"
by sigmund the dephacate April 27, 2006

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