1 definition by sidebangsandgreeneyes

Probably the shittiest, most boring town ever. Not close to Boston, not close to anywhere cool. Nothing to do in North Sudbury at all and in South Sudbury you can go to Friendly's or fricking CVS. Or you can drive a few towns over and go to the mall! WOOOOHOOOO! Yeah. If your parents are considering this town, or if you are a parent, look elsewhere. Hell, look in a different state. There's a reason everyone here calls it Sucksbury. All the girls are slutty bitches who look down on you from the day you get here and the guys are immature pricks. The small group of people who aren't douchebags are usually stoned or spend their time in the computer lab with their teacher. Case in point, never move here. It's awful and I can't wait to get out of here.
Cool person not from Sudbury: Hey man, where do you live?

Loser from Sudbury: I live in Sudbury..

Cool person: Ouch, sucks to be you.

Loser: I know, it fucking sucks here.
by sidebangsandgreeneyes February 05, 2011

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