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a finishing word for any/all conversations/situations ya'know?
you can just say anything, ya'know?

basically any statement,..ya'know?

i've been doing well, ya'know?

we're moving sometime soon, ya'know?

i'm baked,......YA'KNOW!?
by SID LUNDY September 08, 2007
slang for pot, to be use all the time when speaking of pot, going to smoke pot and so on and so on.
I love smoking the mother fuckin woose.
I will never call the woose "pot" again.
Let's get these highschool girls high on the woose.
How much of the woose do you think it would take, to convince a super model I'm in her league?
by sid lundy January 22, 2007
a combination of words that smell fuckin' great together!

"remember when that homeless guy asked us to put our bacon in his unwashed sock? that smelt so good."

"i miss the great-smelling chats we used to have."

"nothin' like a bacon scentence."
by sid lundy August 23, 2007

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