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10 definitions by sickphuck

A man who is so talented at his clitoris stimulation skills that they actually have to call him the clitman because he's that good.
"Damn I've never had something so amazing in my life, he's definitely the clitman".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
In reference to a flaming homosexual.
"Oh my god did you hear the way he talks?".
"Yeah, he's definitely a fagler".
by SickPhuck April 29, 2008
In reference to a large amount of sluts together at one place. It could also be used when you find out a whole bunch of terrible things at once.
"Wow look's like we got a slutprogade heading our way".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
Someone who is so low of a being that they have to refered to as a sheet that some Jews use when fucking. Yes, some people actually take a bed sheet and cut a hole in it for a penis and have sex through it. If you are on that level of low, you pretty much suck at life.
"You are such a fucksheet!".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
When one finds themselves in a place full of cunts or other bitches, sluts, dirtbags, etc. Also can be used to describe a really terrible place or time.
"Looks like we're in cuntopia now".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
Slang word for big penis.
"He had a badongydong so huge you wouldn't believe it!".
by SickPhuck April 30, 2008
In reference to a person that just by personal appearance, looks like a slut. A synonym for this word is skankface.
"Wow just take a look at the slutface walking down the street".
by SickPhuck April 29, 2008