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1.to be hit in the center of an auto between the front and back door,known as the B pillar

2.when walking through a night club or other venue and 2 two fat girl's with drinks in there hands come straight at you,with no way to avoid you end up going up the middle thus being hit by both fat chicks simotainsley:possiable drink spill
joe's car is totaled he got tea boned on the way to the club

ronnie's shirt got stained when two RINO'S tea boned him
by sick guy 73 February 07, 2010
A female that is so familare with ejaculationthat it would be thought that one would think she earned a P.H.D in the useage of jizz
"You gotta give Ronnie credit,he turned that girl into a jizzoligest..."
by sick guy 73 February 10, 2010
When a person or people enter a room or any place where a GANGBANG is takeing place,the entering person is notDOWN with the situation;thus disrupting the task at hand
Damm Ronnie you're little brother turned out to be a real BUKKAKE BUSTER friday night.
by sick guy 73 February 09, 2010
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