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A language native to the southern part of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The Tagalog language is the main base language for the one of the official languages of the Philippines, Filipino (the other official language is English). The language, like most of the languages of the Philippines, is related to Malaysian, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Tongan, Somoan, some southern Taiwanese languages, and many more that are included in the Austronesian group of languages. The language has about 18 million native speakers. Tagalog can also refer to the Tagalog people.
I know very little of Tagalog, since both my parents are Visayan, but I will try to give some examples.

mahal- love
hirap- delicious
nanay- mother
tatay- father
lolo- grandfather
lola- grandmother
bukas- uncooked rice
araw- day
gabi- night
kita- we (you and I)
ako- I, me
langit- heaven, sky
dilim- dark (in terms of brigtness of light)
puti- white
itim- black
aso- dog
pusa- cat
puso- heart
tubig- water
baya- land
mata- eye

There's more I know, but I think this is enough

by si_ fanboy February 12, 2006

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