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Heat bag ....to act all stoned and such and be really obvious that you are....laughing..super redeyes and such bringing the heat and teachers and shit to ask you "Are you alright or sick or sumin your eyes are really red" or not being able to hide that stoned smile after a sesh. then you get called a heat bag by the burnouts..... thats what a heat bag is....its good if you can cover it up when the heat comes down on ya'
"Hey heatbag" (heatbag being a nick name)
dont heat us out and be all heaty...heatbag....quit your heatbaggery...but your comin out to hit that zong tommorrow right heat bag?"
#heat #bag #obvious #blaintent #bluntent #heatbaggery #hhhhheeeat bag #heaty #heat mc gee
by shubalubahlah October 13, 2005
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