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a (surprisingly) great disney movie that i cant get enough of. first of all she goes to meet this matchmaker lady, but she totally f@#$ that up, so she goes home and she thinks shes a major disappointment. then these army guys come with a message that the wounded father has to go fight the HUNS. so anyway she cuts her hair and leaves (to some pree intense music). shes followed by a little lizard who is played by eddie murphy and is hilaarious, and also this little bug cricket that does sh!t all the whole movie. when she gets to the army place she acts stupid (what she thinks men act like) and gets in a huuge fight with everyone there. then she sees this super hot commanding officer. lol. she epic fails at everything there for a while and everyones freaking out (there are so many parts where a 'calm sh!t down!!' would be greaaat). then the hot guy (shang li) starts singing. LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. TO DEFEAT...the HUNSS!!. III"LL MAKE A MAN OUTTA YOUUU. and then tells mulan (ping is what they think her name is) that shes: UNSUITED FOR, THE RAGE OF WAR, SO PACK UP GO HOME YOUR THROUGH, NO WAY I'LL MAKE A MAN OUTTA YOUUU! so anyway she climbs this tower thing aand saves shang lis life while killing 7/8ths of the HUN army but then they discover shes a girl and go to kill her but shang li (HOT) saves her life but o man hes pissed at her. anyway she goes to china and saves the emporer (dressed as a girl too) and the emporer tells shang li that shes preee awesome so he goes to her house for dinner. THE END
only thing that could make it better would be if the kissed
by should be doing my homework September 21, 2009

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