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A.K.A. Community College of Baltimore County- Essex campus. The school that everyone goes to after high school, if you didn't get accepted anywhere else. It's a big joke there, probably easier than your high school. The professors there are wack. Some dress like gangsters, some chase "burds", and can't remember your name so they call you Maxwell. The majority of the student body drops out after the first 2 weeks of school. Most students hang out in the B building, and they can be questioned as to if they are even students because you will always find them there. We call it this because the people that actually care about school don't want to be associated with the rest of the school.
Dude 1- So I heard you're going to CCBC Essex.
Dude 2- Nah dude, don't associate me with that mess. I'm going to University of Rossville Blvd.
by shot gun steve July 06, 2011

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