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another word for the drug cocaine
Hey, you still got that white?
by short shit June 07, 2005
Nickname for the medication -Klonopin- It's used to treat anxiety
People that pop pills often take kpins along with many other types of pills
Last night I popped 3 kpins and I felt goooood.
by short shit June 07, 2005
Topher is a tall, handsome, funny male who can be addicting and sometimes hard to look away from. A topher is never a female and has an Italian sausage if you know what I mean. Topher spread his disease, also known as topherculitis, which is missing the topher and always thinking of him. You will sometimes suffer from topher withdraws.
"Did you see Topher today?"
"yes! And he gave me some topherculitis"
by Short shit August 22, 2012
They are a type of hallucinogenic mushrooms. You can find Psilocybe and Panaeolus species. Shrooms can be either eaten or smoked but the effects are higher and come to you faster if you eat them. Most people say they aren't worth the money but you're first time is one hell of a trip.
Once when I did shrooms I took a look into the mirror and my face looked like it was peeling off but none of my friends would take me to the hospital because they didn't believe me. Ain't that sum shit
by short shit June 07, 2005
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