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jamie dean (DoB: 12-February-probably 1988) is the newly joined keyboard player of the supernatural irish post-rock band god is an astronaut. yeah the band who got their stuff stolen in the US once upon a time. jamie joined the band at the end of 2010 and has played at the gigs during the age of the fifth sun tour in 2011. despite having put on some cute extra weight, the guy still looks way too hot with the greatest eyes and lips on the planet. also kind enough to ask for a fan's name and write it on a piece of paper with a stupid eyeliner after the show in ankara, turkey. also a left-handed guy mysteriously just like the rest of the band.
Girl #1: Man, I am so infatuated with Jamie Dean - the new keyboard player of GIAA.
Girl #2: Oh yes, I went to watch their show last night but I couldn't take my eyes off Jamie ever!
Some boy: But Torsten is an awesome guitarist and the drummer Lloyd...
Girl #1 and #2 (alredy lost in some braindamaging conversation about Jamie Dean)
by shoottokillgizem April 11, 2011

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