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A society that caters exclusively to the unborn. In an embryocracy, fetuses and embryos get all the privileges and rights, while the rest of us (the born) become second class citizens.
Laws are being passed to give personhood to fetuses. But children living in poverty can't get proper health care or education. Our nation is becoming an embryocracy.
by shoot and run January 12, 2012
The craft of writing or drawing with your pee.
Jenkins was talented in the art of urinography. Last week, after the big snowstorm, he unzipped , dropped his trousers, and wrote a love poem to his girlfriend in a snowbank.
by shoot and run October 29, 2009
One who never washes the dishes, even though he or she always offers to wash the dishes. A dish douche will mysteriously disappear as soon as dinner is eaten, and return to the kitchen once the last saucer has been dried and put away.
Pete hasn't scrubbed a single plate in his life. If you added up all the unwashed dishes in this dish douche's life, you could cast a shadow over Manhattan.
by shoot and run October 11, 2009
A for-profit health insurance company's method of rewarding employees for finding ways to drop policyholders who have developed expensive conditions or have pre-existing medical conditions.
Winston had paid four hundred dollars a month for the last eight years - so he could have medical insurance. But because of his carrier's policy of rescission, he was dropped from his plan as soon as got sick.
by shoot and run October 05, 2009
An terrorist group run by cows.
Did you hear about the rotten cheese bomb that exploded in
Arkadelphia? Sent dozens to the hospital. Definitely bears the hallmark of Al Cowda.
by shoot and run July 31, 2009
The most passive aggressive way of saying "no".
"Maybe" is about 40% of "yes", and "perhaps" is approx. 20% of "maybe".
person 1: Are you going to look for a job today?

person 2: Look, I just woke up and it's only 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I still need my morning coffee, so after that I'll start job hunting, maybe-perhaps.
by shoot and run October 08, 2009
The act of bugging your eyes out to stare down an adversary, opponent or underling. When properly executed, the glower of power mentally disarms and destroys self esteem. It basically says you own them.
The meter maid started to write a parking ticket. I turned my gaze toward her and gave her the glower of power. She dropped her pen, quaking in her boots, and ran away.
by shoot and run August 25, 2009

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