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A highly fascist town in which everyone thinks they are the dankest ass people because theyve tried marijuana once in their lives, also consisting of gay ass people preferably the class of 2011 because all of the girls that hung out with the so called "skater pot head badasses" get group rate discounts on abortions and beg unpopular lowerclassmen to buy them pregnancy tests and they think that theyre so cool becuase most of their parents are bigger fuck ups then them.
Also consisting of about one billion and two asians or filipino folks. And the rest, well theyre white people who act like thugs and travel 82 miles to the nearest mall to buy crap that will be out of style in less than six months. In oak harbor the idea of independance was killed when the dutch settled there.
Bobby: Hey lets go smoke weed with my mom who lives in the Oak Harbor appartments

Naomi: Okay as long as i get first hit.

Dalton: Hey lets go to JC Pennys

Aaron: Are you fucking kidding me? SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEDDDDDDDD
by shittttttt nahhhhhhhhhh September 04, 2008

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