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1 definition by shitbag002

To normal people: High School, contrary to what most people will tell you, is the definite worst years of your life (that is unless you are a douchebag/faggot, because if you are one of those you'll THRIVE in this place like shit thrives in High School toilets). When you finally go to college and you look back on your high school years, you'll see what a pathethic joke of an establishment (insert high school name here) was, and will feel an incredible freedom being let out.

To male high school 14/15 year old faggots with fake self confidence and gay smiles and heavy 0.2 pound "muscles or guns"/females who think they are the bitchin' hoe on the block and act like little prada queens:

High School is the most fun you'll ever have in your fake ass american-dream/i'm a pretend nobody lives, you assholes. Enjoy it while it lasts.
You literally cannot find a place in America that has more fake people (that are 99% of the time also incredible asswipes, administration included) in it than a high school. You just can't.
by shitbag002 January 24, 2010