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One of the richest towns in New Jersey, The East Coast, The United States, etc. Home to JAPs, jews, Posers, and recently being taken over by many asians. The high school student parking lot contains nicer cars than the faculty's. SATs are always aced, sports events are always won. "Punk" people are posers, "ghetto" people are expelled. Kids write bomb threats in bathrooms, and cause security cameras around the school. Summers are spent at camp and in the hamptons, winters in Aspen and the caribbian. In the 7th and 8th Grade Bar/Bat Mitzvahs take up the weekends. There at least one or two Bar/Bat Mitzvah's are attended per weekend. In 10th grade Sweet Sixteens are held. Parents are lawyers, doctors, executives, investment bankers, etc. The bottom deciles of the graduating class of Millburn High still go to top 100 schools. The entire town reeks of spolied brats.
Tenafly is the milky goodness of jew jersey
by shishkabob October 25, 2005

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