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1. Jewish juice; especially that which is drunk by Jews on their holy days.
You want some jewce to drink?
by shippo/jeff December 11, 2004
a spoof of the normal windows XP product; a web site www.xdproductions.com
did you get windows XD yet if not you are very gay
by shippo/jeff December 10, 2004
1. a tall person
2. another word for giant
3. a size
4. an adjective
1. Stroupe is tall
2. that guy is sooo stroupe
3. can i strouper-size that
4. hey stroupe hows it stroup'n
by shippo/jeff December 10, 2004
1. Ho

Background: invented in Dr. Kilduff's chemistry class.
1. What's up my element 67!
by shippo/jeff December 10, 2004
a jewish lental; jooooooooooooooooooo
i had 1 yental yesterday
by shippo/jeff December 10, 2004

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