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From an ancient proverb, "the worm will turn when trodden upon" meaning the meekest among us will fight back when provoked. It can also mean a change in fortune.
The people of New Orleans built their city below sea level. Katrina proved that the worm will turn.
by sheryl D October 01, 2006
The state of being oblivious; unaware of the events and/or people around you. This can be a result of a drug induced state or the typical condition of a rather ditsy person. It comes from the cartoon Mr. Magoo.
I saw Tracy driving down the road and I waved, but she was clearly magooing.
by Sheryl D May 29, 2006
Lines and creases that appear in your skin from sleeping on wrinkled sheets. Telltale sign that you just got out of bed.
My boss was impressed with my being in the office when she arrived. I earned major brownie points until she notice the sleep wrinkles on my cheek and realized that I had slept at work...again.
by sheryl D November 04, 2006
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