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The predisposition to become fat, often attributed to a young slim attractive female with the unfortunate curse of fatential. Portmanteau word derived from Fat and Potential.
A clear symptom is chubby wrists.
She's pretty nice but I reckon she's got fatential.
by shelflife June 18, 2009
The act of jamming the toilet with shit and toilet roll, rendering it unusable by others without the use of the poostick to unblock it.
no way! somebody's done a panjam and i'm desperate!
by shelflife June 18, 2009
Code used to communicate presence of an attractive female with Big Tits
-"Brava Tango. Over"
-"Received. Over and Out."
by shelflife June 18, 2009
A fictional fruit famed for its mention in the childrens song 'Oodleberry, Oodleberry, Oodleberry, OOK!
oodleberry, oodleberry, oodleberry, ook!
by shelflife June 18, 2009
Employee with little or no enthusiasm or drive. Thus spending most of their time with hands in pockets and walking unbelievably slowly. A Lazy.
Haven't you finished that yet? You're such a Zombie.
by shelflife June 18, 2009
Retailing term meaning stock which is kept in a less used area of the warehouse, due to it's high volume in order to retain space in the working area of the warehouse. Phrase coined to suggest this stock may come in handy if the end of the wold was nigh.
There's 11 cases of lentils here, perhaps we should put it in armageddon.
by shelflife June 18, 2009
an energy rush from consuming a 1L bottle of Red Rooster energy drink. Lasting from 1 to 3 hours.
I've got loads to do, I best have a rooster booster.
by shelflife June 18, 2009

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