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A day in which somebody spends the whole day not bothering to do anytihng, because they CBA (Can't Be Arsed). Usually CBA days are a result of little sleep or a night of drinking.
Guy 1 - 'Hey Guy 2 are you going to do any revision today for our maths test tomorrow?'

Guy 2 - 'Nah im really tired and have been revising for a week, I'm gunna have a CBA day today'
by sheldonlt April 12, 2009
A vile, hideous being that dwells in mens trousers between the legs. No girl has survived an encounter with the Slossage.
Guy One: Omg how fit is that girl?!
Guy Two: She would totally get the slossage!
by Sheldonlt April 18, 2010
Code word for masturbating amongst, usually British, adolescent males, used to talk when family or young people are in the room.
'Yeah I was reading till 1 o'clock last night, it took me ages to finish my chapter'
'I had such a good read last night, I'll send you a link to the Book I was reading'
by sheldonlt January 02, 2010
When after having sex with someone, the other person proceeds to brand them, usually on their behind and usually without telling the other person beforehand. Usually used when 'marking territory'.
Guy One: Hey how was that girl you hooked up with last night?
Guy Two: She was awesome, I Shagged and Tagged her so if you see my initials on her, you know to stay away.
by sheldonlt January 02, 2010
(On a string) A girl that who is nothing but a tease; they post sexy pictures of them self, use the word love and your name in the same sentence, always want to hang out but always cancel last minute, they lead you on. A girl you will stress about, but will only turn out to be a nothing but a carrot on a stick.
Guy 1: Hey, you coming out tonight?
Guy 2: No I might be seeing Girl
Guy 1: Don't waste your time with that man, she's just a carrot.
by sheldonlt October 08, 2010
The native language of those who live in Urbania. Since the discovering of this small society and their language, some of their words have crept into everyday english and the way people dress.

Oh my god, yesterday, on the way to work I saw this guy sitting on a bench who looked sooooo Urban
by sheldonlt December 29, 2008

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