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Greasy chips are several girls that go out and try to get guys to buy them drinks, dinner, pay their bills and use them as a babys daddy.
I was over by the stage and a group of greasy chips came thru the door and on of the chips asked me to get her a drink. I walked away cause my hands dont need no greasy chips!
by shaun farrell February 26, 2006
cobalt shiver is a threat. it is usually used when some one does you dirty.
That guy swiped my girl now he is going to feel the cobalt shiver.

by SHAUN FARRELL February 12, 2006
a women that has a nice round butt.
That girl has some freight going on.

Look, she is pushing some freight.
by shaun farrell August 21, 2005
having a lot of bling alot of cash showing your dough
What in the world i didnt know that guy had that much cake.

Girl, ya know ya just want the cake.

were going to vegas and i got the cake
by shaun farrell February 15, 2006
Cold hard cash. money oil gold
1.Man, i want to see that movie but i ain't got no stitch.

2. That chick just wanted my stitch.
by shaun farrell April 03, 2006

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