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1 definition by shardeen

A great state. People slamming it or bitching about it obviously haven't spent more than 5 hours. I was born and raised in Missouri and it is a great place. Yes, there are rednecks. There are ghetto neighborhoods. But get over it. They are everywhere! A truly beautiful state with a AWESOME baseball team. Better than the crappy Brewers (no offense to you Wisconsin people, I live in Madison and I love it) who haven't even won the WS one time. Unlike us Cardinals who have won eleven times. The northern portion is full of big cities with fun things to do and the Arch, which is a national monument. The southern portion is very scenic and home to the Ozark Mountains. Believe it or not (I suggest believing), we are very friendly people. We like to make people feel at home. And also, just deal with the fact that Missouri isn't really midwest or or southern. Who gives a crap? Try walking into Cali and have a nice time seeing a living Barbie every time you turn a corner!
Fake plastic Barbie girl: Ugh. Missouri sux. There aren't any beaches for me to eff up someone on. Plus, I can't get wasted at bars with total strangers. Oh, and don't even REMIND me about the cops that actually care if you break the law. They suck too.

Down-to-earth Missouri girl: You need to shut up. Missouri is a place where people can live and be safe instead of packing plastic 24/7. Us people are real and we don't care if we have an ass or not. We like to live life and have fun!
by shardeen November 12, 2011