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1 definition by shane-o!

a person who chooses to always sleep on the couch rather than their own bed. This person does not sleep on the couch because he/she does not own a bed, but rather in preference for the couch's physical beauty over the bed's internal qualities (i.e. springs, memory foam, or other) and their relationship (proximity of the bed to the couch; this being generally short). Further qualities of this individual is that he/she will sleep on the couch at any time of day not only night; he/she will enjoy quickies (short naps) or extended periods of enjoyment (7-10 hours of sleep).
Shane: "Dude when I woke up this morning for class Mike was sleeping on the couch again!"
Kevin: "Doesn't he have a bed? What a couch slut!"
by shane-o! March 14, 2008