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Fear of being around any sweater even closely related to the holidays. Specifically those thick, wool sweaters with images of reindeers, christmas trees, santa claus and snow flakes on them. In some cases, any sweater with too much red, green or orange have been known to trigger the common symptoms, which include:

1. Dry gagging
2. Desire to drink too much eggnog
3. Dizziness
4. Tingling in and around both eyeballs, which may result in one or both eyeballs popping out
Eric: Whoa! Did you see Cindy pound the eggnog at the Holiday Party?

Bruce: Yeah man, but you can't hate on her. She's got festyphobia and the place was packed with fugly holiday sweaters...I'm just glad her eyeballs didn't pop out.
by sfsdc December 08, 2009

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