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The sorority with the hottest girls on campus. Every rushee strives to be a DG. They set the standards of what a girl should be. The most down to earth, classy, fun, sexy girls around. Every guy wants to date and ever girl wishes they were. They like to drink and have fun yet still maintain one of the highest gpa average. Other sororities try to lead by Delta Gamma's examples and yet they fail. They're one of the biggest sorority in the nation. If you watch the special on the E! channel about Reese Witherspoon and they talk about Legally Blonde, the director said he based Delta Nu off of Delta Gamma. Suck that other sororities. None of you have a movie based off of you.
"Wham Bam, Hot Damn. We're the girls of Delta Gam!"

Q: "What the best sorority out there?"
A: "Delta Gamma of course."
by sfieororor May 23, 2008

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