22 definitions by sexy texan

The lines deodorant makes on usually a girl when she applies it heavily then goes out gets sweaty dancing and lifts her arms and you see lines of deodorant in the creases of her armpit!
Damn my night was going good until i looked down and saw coke lines all up in my girls pits!
by sexy texan January 05, 2012
When you are in a small work environment and even the smallest event/error throws a small situation into an out of controlled state!
All was good then someone forgot to fax a deadline and we went straight to defcon 4!!
by sexy texan January 10, 2012
when you look up at the sky and ask your friend if you have any boogers
so i sneezed at dinner and did not have a mirror so i asked my friend if i had any birds in the sky.
by sexy texan January 05, 2012
After you text a guy pictures of your titties and ya sign off, breast wishes.
So this chick sent me some titty pics and signed it breast wishes! Awesome!
by sexy texan January 10, 2012
when you have a big mole that cannot be covered by a swimsuit and small perch nibble at it while you swim in a lake
oh crap this swimsuit does not cover my mole perfect perch bait great looks like i will be catching fish all day.
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
when someone has such bad deep cracked heels that you can use a penny to measure the depth like on a tire
she was banging in all departments except she had tread heel, poor thing.
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
when you are on the highway and see a dumptruck dripping out liqiud/juice usually of white in color.
i was stuck in traffic behind a dumptruck slingin dumptruck juice all over my car!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012

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