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a fun time for all involved or watching. a man sticks his dick in a woman's vagina
she looked at him, knowing that this was the time. today was the day. or at least she wanted it to be.
andy looked down toward her boyfriend's feet. Marc lifted her chin and stared into her eyes. he leaned in for a kiss goodbye but andy wanted more. as his lips brushed hers, andy wrapped her arms around him. and whispered in his ear "make me never want to let you go."
he looked at her "what?"
"common let's go have some fun"
marc's eyes grew as he heard her say this. he had wanted her so badly for so long.
andy kissed him again, strong and passionate. her tongue explored his mouth. "there's something you need to know. i want you and all of you."
marc stood still as andy tried to pull him. "common babe." she said and he woke out of the trance. he grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him. she could feel that his dick had already started to stick up. she grinned and raced him to her apartment.

marc closed the door behind him and looked around for her. he saw movement on the couch and he approached her. she was sitting on the couch in high heels, a black bra and a candy thong. marc started to take off his shirt. but andy stopped him. she pulled off the shirt slowly. then pulled down his pants caressing his dick with the tips of her fingers. she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor.
marc pushed andy onto the couch. "how do you want it?" he asked
"have your way with me." andy grinned. she'd been wanting this for a while.
marc knelt next to the couch and started to eat her candy thong. he snapped the string. he then started to lick her. he tickled her with his tongue and then sucked on her cunt. she giggled and started to cum. he left her vagina and moved to her boobs. he licked the based in a circle getting closer to the tip. he started to suck and she groaned. "give it to me" she said. "give me your dick." marc stood up and rested his dick in her hand. andy stared at it for a moment. it was large, about 9 and 1/2 inches long and 1 and 3/4 wide. she started to squeeze it. then she slid her hand around it moving up and down. she started slow and started to speed up feeling his dick get harder. she kissed his tip and started to slide it into her mouth. just barely it went in, she began to lick around the tip and gently suck on it. she wanted a taste so she started to massage his large balls til hard. he started to cum and she drank him down. she started to get excited and she pushed him down her throat gobbling up his sweetness. marc started to moan "bite me. ung bite me!" andy started to pull him out but left his tip inside her mouth where she started to suck him again. only harder and she nibbled he cumed again in her mouth and she took him out. she licked up his shaft and he got extremely hard.
"yum" she said as she stood up "now. let's go somewhere more fitting..." and she pull him by his arm to her bedroom. she locked the door behind them. and flicked on the black light. "where do you want to start?" she asked. marc looked around at all the sex toys: gags, handcuffs, whips, a pump.
marc threw her to the bed. she squeeze his balls again. "give it to me hard. this is my first time." she said as she went into a split.
marc grabbed her shoulders and pressed her down against the bed. he caresses her clit with his tip and she moans again. he started to enter her and she goes into an orgasm immediately. he shallow fucks her not wanting to hurt her. "oh yeah!! yes!! common deeper i want to feel you deep! uh uh uh UH YES!" he goes deeper slowly "DEEPER! OH YES! YES! UH UH AH HAHA!"she moans again "DEEPER! GO DEEPER! AS DEEP AS YOU CAN!!" she starts to scream. he plunges deep into her and she screams "YESA! OH YES! YES! YES YES YES! HARDER FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER!" he humps her with incredable speed and strength. he's not totally in her, but she doesn't know. he want's to go farther but he's afraid.
her hands rub his butt and squeeze his balls. she feels the last three inches that are still not in her. "DEEPER!" she yells. he pulls her upright, wraps her legs around him and continues to fuck her as he carries her to the table. he unhooks her legs and spreads them. she moans again. he lifts one leg to his shoulder and then the other one. he says "this is my first time too, and i'm gunna fuck you to an inch of you're life." she moans as he gains an inch. he grasps her butt squeezes it hard and plunges his last two inches in. she screams with pleasure. he pushes up hard and hits her g-spot. she orgasms for a full 5 mins. he pulls out three inches and rams her again hitting her g-spot harder. she orgasms so loud that the people below start bangging on the ceiling. he cums in her and she screams feeling his warmth deep inside. she collapses in his arms. he humps her once and she wakes bak up orgasming. she grabs his head and pulls him to her mouth. she frenches him as he slides himself out of her. between gasps he says "bite me" she does as she's told, and bites his tongue. "you're gunna sex me now aren't you" he asks
"of coarse"
by sex0addict November 20, 2008

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