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the description of any situation or condition wherin anything extremely unhealthy, hazardous, nasty, dangerous, delicate, shatterable, scratchable, valuable, rare, expensive or flimsy- that would ordinarily have an amply appropriate or overly adequate covering or shield; is going around open or otherwise effectively unprotected in a dangerous and or unpredictable environment.

it refers to the chernobyl reactor in pripyat when it was operating. the designers neglected to surround the entire reactor with any sort of containment vessel. instead, they covered it with what amounted to a bit of sheet metal roofing and some glass. its supposed to be 6 ft thick concrete.
1. my ancient Nikon was all chernobyl today because the lens fell into some mud when i was changing it, and my camera cap was nowhere to be found. says the non-com photographer in the desert.

2. i decided to go chernobyl on that level and not input my usual slew cheat codes.

3. im all chernobyl over here because i have no skull cap at this moment, can you help me navigate this rusty knife factory?

4. sit. : the ferrari in ferris beuller's day off was chernobyl when they handed the keys to that parking attendant.
by sever'nijKGU December 08, 2010

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