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An androgynous hair-style that makes one look stupid.
OMG! My BF won't ask the stylist for a BieberHair cut, I am so ready to dump him.
by seven of ten November 18, 2010
(V) Surreptitiously farting under the covers while your bed mate is out of the room just to enjoy the exclamations of disgust when he or she crawls into bed with you. Usually involves gagging and exclamations of "oh man!" Works best after foods like broccoli, eggs, beans...
You know, I really wish you wouldn't fluff the covers while I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed.
by Seven of ten November 18, 2010
(N) that annoying remnant of shit that clings to the side of your ass-crack and either slowly slides off and into the toilet or one must carefully wipe it away before it can fall off into one's underwear. Also known as a Pelosi-Reed.
shit, I didn't get all of my rangel dangle off before I pulled up my pants.
by seven of ten November 18, 2010
(V) The surprise splash back of cold water on your sphincter after dropping a large shit, usually before the sphincter can completly close. Involuntary exclamations are said to sound just like Justin Bieber when he sings.
No matter how I aim or pinch it off, I always get a bieber bidet during a big dump.
by seven of ten November 18, 2010

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