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One of the most gruelling of any type of exam, by any standard. Taken in Australia, in the final year of schooling, the HSC determines your UAI, or University Admission Index, and subsequntly, your life.
The English exam(s) alone require the candidate to memorise 16 texts to quote from.

These exams have caused countless teenage suicides, and mass depression in adolescents, which causes excessive drinking and debauchery, and consequently, suspension, lowering the opportunity to learn and succed with this increddibly painful ordeal.

see also assfucker.
Ohhh, christ, Hal, iv'e got the HSC coming up. lets commit suicide together.
by sergeant turdburglar >>> October 24, 2005
The most influential of roles in all organized militaries.
The priveliges and responsibilities of this non-commisioned officer are perfectly balanced to give the maximum opportunity for theft, corruption, and imaginitive "interpretation" of orders, often accompanied by temporary deafness. A sergeant is also the platoons bitch (army), and serves all food/helps pitch poor babies tent/wipes the ass of any and all cadet/private in the area.
Drill sergeant: Boy, do you suck cock!?!

Private: Sir No Sir!

Drill sergeant: I bet you do! i bet you could suck a golfball through a length of hosepipe!!!
by sergeant turdburglar >>> October 24, 2005

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