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state in the southern US. Best place in the world. Not as much hicks as many may think. More "urban" people are coming, along with intellegent Indians.
Arkansas is cooler...
by seismographitti 00 January 08, 2005
meaning "fake" or "false". prefix. made popular by 7th grade science.
Its like a psuedo-soda
by seismographitti 00 January 08, 2005
the only thing that can kill mockingbirds.
The only way to kill a mockingbird, IS TO HIT IT WITH THE MOON!
by seismographitti 00 January 15, 2005
The 12(or 20, i forget) people who actually run our country. Mention in MGS series. They control all our information using "GW", an internal information system, inside the big shell, or supposed offshore cleaning facility for a tanker crash. The Patriots were once "The Philosophers" in the Cold War, but then branched into the patriots. They control our presidents and wars.
No, its all information screened out by the Patriots.
by seismographitti 00 January 08, 2005
small frogs in MGS3. Replaced dog-tags (we all miss the tags). Make a strange cackle when hit/shot (wragga-wruggle). When all 64 are shot, you gain the stealth camo.
OMG, teh kerotan frog. KILL IT!
by seismographitti 00 January 22, 2005
A member of the Cobra Unit. A medium studied by the USSR. Fathered The Boss's baby (Ocelot). The Boss then killed him on a mission from the CIA. Can communicate with the dead to get an edge in battle. Cries blood ya know.
sad...so sad...war brings battle, battle brings death, death brings sorrow.
by seismographitti 00 January 22, 2005
the best astronomy tool. ever.
I am doing my History Day project on the HST
by seismographitti 00 January 08, 2005
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