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well if you were to call someone a jamie, you would probably get slapped. in fact, if you were to call someone a jamie you would probably get bitchslapped. simple as 1,2,3.

with that aside, let's go through what jamie is, alright? (:.

A jamie is one who thinks she is the shit, yet she says she hates people who is the shit on her myspace page. so basically, a jamie is a hypocrite. yet she says she also hates hypocrites on her myspace page.

a jamie is one who flatters herself constantly and would also say "don't flatter yourself." constantly to other people who compliment how they look, etc.

a jamie is one who would sex anyone just because they asked. and oh ho, i don't mean real life sex. i mean cybersex. i wonder why? probably cause she's so ugly and she pumps up the contrast to the max on her myspace pictures.

a jamie is one who is a fat ass.
Jamie: hey, i just updated my myspace page (again) and i wrote that i hate hypocrites yet i am one myself :D!!!!!!

by secretjamiehater April 25, 2009

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