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6 definitions by second tuesday

1. (adjective) describes something better than good

2. (adjective) when used with sarcasm, describes something that sucks.

3. (noun) an accuracy value assigned in Konami's music simulation game Dance Dance Revolution. Better than "Good", not as good as "Perfect".

4. (verb) the act of getting greats, whether deliberately or not.
1. "Sure, pizza sounds great!"

2. "Oh look, I got parking ticket! Great. I'm glad to see cops are keeping the peace around here!"

3. "Whoa, you FC'ed Trip Machine Survivor? How many Greats?"

4. "I greated the shite out of Murmur Twins on Supernova! Something's wrong with that song."
by second tuesday October 19, 2006
a website with an online comic about a fictional Dance Dance Revolution tournament that mostly appeals to Bemani geeks and people who go to anime cons. kinda based on a bunch of real tourneys and cons.

used as an adj. refers to the rules listed on the site, "perfects x 2 + greats + okays"
"The last DDR tourney at Otakon was 10K Commotion-style. Easier than calculating percentages for everybody on every song."
by second tuesday October 19, 2006
1. (adjective) describes something cool, unique, or otherwise worthy of marvel.

2. (noun) the highest accuracy value assigned in Konami's game, Dance Dance Revolution. Better than "Perfect", only appears in special modes. Plural = Marvelouses, or Marvelous
1. "Are you sure I look okay in this leather miniskirt?"
"You look marvelous, woman! Get in the car!"

2. "I saw this kid with an apeshit Legend Road score-- like 200 Perfects and the rest Marvelous!"
by second tuesday October 19, 2006
1. (noun) a show of Bemani game skills by deliberately attempting to score "Greats" instead of "Perfects".

2. (interjection) used by DDR players when they're off the beat, but can't blame it on the controller/stage/pad
1. "If this was Great Attack, you'd win. But it's not so you don't."

2. (Score shows up on the screen and quick, before anybody says anything, dude shouts) "Great Attack!"
by second tuesday October 19, 2006
A) a set of rules for DDR competitions.
compete on 3 songs: one player picks the song, the other picks the modifiers, then switch. Last song is picked by roulette with modifiers picked by the judges. Scoring is # of Perfects doubled, added to Greats and Okays


B) a webcomic about a bunch of people in a ddr competition, where rules like those are used.
A) dude: "This tournament's tenkay-style, except you have to write your songs on a card before you go up."
guy: "That sucks! I hate other people picking my mods."

B) dude: "I saw that guy from tenkay at the penny arcade booth."
by second tuesday October 20, 2006
1. (adjective) describes anything that cannot be surpassed.

2. (verb) the act of improving a skill to the point that it cannot be surpassed.

3. (noun) a value assigned in Konami's music simulation games. Better than "great", but not as good as "marvelous".
1. "...So I locked him out and set his truck on fire."
"Perfect end to that relationship!"

2. "Jerell perfected that sleep attack, but if he can't play as Jigglypuff, I hand him his ass every time."

3. "Yeah, I would've had more perfects, but I greated that run when I stepped off to get a soda."
by second tuesday October 19, 2006