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A steroid raging jerk who takes all the 45 pound plates at the gym leaving only 35 and 25 pound plates for everyone else. These tank top wearing, slightly over-weight, ego driven plate hogging jerks typically try to lift 450 pounds (improperly) while breathing heavy and moaning to get the attention of girls who laugh at them. These creatures may or may not be Italian guidos much like those seen on jersey shore.
I wanted to lift today but some plate hog had all the 45 pound plates so I had to wait.

Uh oh, there are a bunch of Italian guidos at the gym today. Plate hog alert!
by seanfrombaltimore December 01, 2010
A line spoken when you know it's time to walk out of the room to leave an uncomfortable situation or argument.
Situation 1:

Wife: I found a xerox box full of porn in the closet. What the hell Jim?
Husband: Well, I wouldn't need porn if you would put out more than once a month!
Me: That's my cue...See you guys later!

Situation 2:
Jill: Eww gross! The dog had diarrhea on the carpet again Sean!
Sean: That's my cue...I'll be at the bar if you need me.
by seanfrombaltimore March 17, 2011

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