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1. Slang for the male member. Usually on the big side, as opposed to a "ding-ding." 2. What old black men call pussy. 3. To rack a slide or pull back a hammer. 4. A rooster.
1. Mine is a fat cock.
2. Boy, you need to get you some cock!
3. Cock the gun and fire at will.
4. She has a big, pretty white cock on the other side of the barn.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 31, 2004
See skeeze, skeaze.
He kept calling me "skis," so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, but I couldn't find it. Now where's that guy with the skinny dick attached to the big wallet?
by Sean Brian Kirby October 17, 2005
Nickname for Jean Kerry, French-speaking (and sympathising) Democratic (Socialist) candidate for President of The United States of America.
Oh, you're going to vote for Francostein? Hold onto your wallet... get your Arabic language tapes...
by Sean Brian Kirby October 31, 2004
The bruvas be callin' each otha' "cutey," and it come out "cutty."
"(I'd like to pound that ass...) Yo, whudup, cutty?"
by Sean Brian Kirby October 30, 2004
A term that thoroughbred jockeys use to describe the process by which they keep their weight down by sticking a finger in the back of their throat and regurgitating.
Jerry was always so weak from all that flipping he did.
by Sean Brian Kirby December 16, 2005
The President of Russia.
My Bulgarian buddy always laughs whenever he hears Vladimir Poontang's name.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 05, 2005
Short form of Yakovlev.
She threw her Yak into a snap-roll to avoid the deadly cannon-fire of the Messerschmitt.
by Sean Brian Kirby February 13, 2004
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