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The oldest band out there with "Youth" in the title. But they own my ass, your ass, and all ass everywhere at any time.
"Sonic Youth has provided the soundtrack to my life and they do still be still rockin it live from 9 t 5 with RATHER RIPPED. Hell yeah-uh!"
by SeaBat June 09, 2006
When the time has arrived to undertake a task (often unseemly, difficult, or requiring courage), at which point there is no going back.
MacBeth screwed his courage to the sticking point and approached Duncan's sleeping form, his dagger poised for the killing blow. It was go time!
by SeaBat June 09, 2006
Pants that make one's ass look out of this world.
"Are those space pants? 'Cause your ass is out of this world."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
An obscure selection on the menu of fast-food mofos A&W. It's like a hot dog, but with more enthusiasm.

When the customer ordered a whistle dog, the clerk cringed as he fished one out of the warmer oven. Those mofos were 42 months old!
by SeaBat June 13, 2006
Walking somewhere on your own two legs that God gave you.

(The legs each represent a "1.")
"Lazy North American mofos are so dependent on their cars they won't even take the frigging number 11 bus 2 blocks."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
A yellow caution sign indicating that a Pegasus (winged horse) may be crossing your path at any moment.
"Slow down dude!! Can't you read? Pegasus Xing."
by SeaBat June 09, 2006
A rear end that is flat or non-existent, or, in extreme cases, even oddly concave.
"My jeans flap in the back 'cause I got a negative ass."
by SeaBat June 11, 2006
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