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A microscopic college town just outside of cleveland, known for its racous disregard for sexual mores, internationally renowned conservatory of music, and annual bike derby. Other highlights include drag ball, the big parade, and quarter beers at the 'Sco.
Students are characterized by efficiency in everything they do, from studying to partying to developing anxiety disorders. They resort to online services such as facebook to make up for their ackward social skills. After graduation they become lovable teddy bears with vicious political goals.
If it wasn't for Oberlin, I might have a normal girlfriend, but since I'm here I might as well enjoy the ride.

Arggghh. We be the blasted pirate bears of Oberlin, hand over all your blueberries and nobody gets a nugy.
by scruffy the pirate June 22, 2005
the mistake on the lake
Hey, wanna go to Cleveland this weekend?
Uh, no.
by scruffy the pirate June 22, 2005
noun, or expletive, usually used as a cheer for the Oberlin swim team, it can also be a greeting for somebody who knows the true love of swimming in January in Ohio.
Yeobaby, yeobaby, yeobaby, yeo.

That's not what yeomama said last night.
by scruffy the pirate June 22, 2005

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