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A pokemon from the original 151 pokemon.
Type: normal
Species: trasform pokemon
Ability: limber
Pokedex number:
Kanto: 132
Johto: 92
Hoenn: 287
Sinnoh - N/A
Pink blob which has only one attack "transform" which allows it to transform into whatever pokemon it likes, but cannot just transform on memory alone.
Able to breed with any pokemon breed with the exception of legendaries.
If you're one of those pokemon game players who likes to give your pokemon nicknames which sound simmilar to their original name.
i.e. Blaze for blaziken.
One of the very humourus nicknames you can give Ditto is "dildo" which makes me wet myself laughing whenever my shiny ditto enters combat
by screamtillyoudie September 22, 2009
- An alien enemy in the halo video game series.
- introduced in Halo 2.
- nicknamed "buggers" by your marine comrades.
- Cocky like an elite, pathetically weak like a grunt.
- Voted most annoying enemy in halo
"Buggers! over there!" ~ Sergeant Johnson - pointing out the drones flying over a rooftop in the first major fight scene of the level "Outskirts" in Halo 2.
by screamtillyoudie November 14, 2009
Bunch of little fagglets with god dang awful singing voices who dance around on stage like little pansy 5 year old girls doing ballet.
The Jonas Brothers are straight up pussies.
by screamtillyoudie May 04, 2009

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