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17 definitions by scratch dj

Several definitions:
1.Unit of weight
2.Money in England
3.To hit fists with your home dawgs
4.To have sex
5.To punch or beat someone up
Here's a little story:

One day, Bill wanted to pound his girlfriend, but she was a hoe and wanted 50 pounds to do it. Bill went to the hood and met Henry and pounded fists with him. His fist, may I add weighed about one pound. Bill asked Henry to lend him 50 pounds so he could pound his girlfriend or Bill would pound Henry and send him to the hospital. Henry gave Bill the 50 pounds.
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
1109 213
The funnyest damn person alive today.
"Cheese tits"
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
592 131
Star player, owner, and Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Started a group to buy the Pens out of bankrupcy. Won a gold medal for Canada in the Olympics.
Helped the Penguins capture 2 back to back Stanley Cups in 1991-1992
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
160 31
Homie dawg-
my cool kick-ass friend from the hood
Sup home dawg?
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
47 10
1.writing utensil
2.chicken or animal enclosure
Go Pens!
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
65 32
Old dude that dances in six flags commercials. This dancin dude cracks me up all the time.

dance, dude, dance!
by Scratch DJ June 09, 2004
38 22
The worst brand of ketchup
Heinz ketchup is blazin!
by Scratch DJ June 15, 2004
21 10