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The highest possible status a man can achieve. eats alpha males for breakfast.
When an omega male is born its game over.
the end.
As in the movie "omega man" only man left standing.
despite being the oppisite of alpha, an omega male represents the top of the human food chain as there can only be one.
"I am the the omega male... hah."
#omega #man #alpha #ultimate #being #god
by scotty mcdougal September 04, 2006

Shitheads are brown haired or dark haired caucasians who have shit for hair
theyd be better off dying there hair blonde red orange blue green or even purple
they think their good even though they dont notice their hair is the same colour as their excrement
"The world is full of shitheads"
"thats alot of shit"
#hair #brunette #brown #poo #caucasian
by scotty mcdougal September 16, 2006
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