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A replacement for the word 'well' that is a reference to the optimistic and wholesome pictures of Norman Rockwell;
Conversational shorthand to indicate that you, your spouse, and your kids are doing fine, and that your life generally consists of being largely consumed by those activities centred around nuclear family.

Particularly useful when catching up with someone you haven't spoken to in some time, and wish to keep the conversation as brief as possible.
Bob: Hey, Joe! I haven't seen you for years! How's your wife and the family?
Joe: Hey Bob. Things are good, nothing really new. We're pretty Rockwell.
#rockwel #norman rockwell #fine #good #idyllic
by scott oberg September 12, 2007
Someone who snubs viewing television, movies, or sporting events in anything but High Definition. They frequently pity those that have to watch things in standard definition (peasantvision).
Bob wouldn't come out to watch the game with us at the bar because they don't have high-def TVs. The loser stayed home instead. He's such a Pixel Snob.
#pixelati #high definition #tv #pixel poverty #peasantvision #ghettovision
by Scott Oberg September 09, 2007
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