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Suffering a blond moment to the Nth Degree.
(also bblexia: bleach blondelexia)
Scott could have slapped himself over his blondelexia about what happened.
by scott mccowan June 27, 2007
Proformning a stupid act, over the simplest thing.
Scott felt like a blind dyslexic over the sport's play he saw five minutes ago.
by scott mccowan October 02, 2007
being sprayed some by the toylet water when bending down to pull up pants after taking a dump.
Bill thought he was going to die when he was poo juiced in the men's room.
by scott mccowan March 27, 2007
Puting the non attractive people in matchmaking sights near the back of the book and the more attractive people to the front.
Back listing is the best way to pick the attractive and ugly people from any matchmaking site.
Damn, they should have backlisted this ugo.
by scott mccowan July 15, 2006
The UGLINESS of a person.
God, the hurlness of that person is 6ft
by scott mccowan August 14, 2006
When a radio station plays only "one" or two songs from an artist, even though they've done more.
Damn, I wish this station would stop Music Douching AC/DC's "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)".
by scott mccowan October 15, 2007
When a radio plays only one or two songs by an artist/group even though they have done more.
Damn, I'm changing the station, this Music Douching with AC/DC is getting annoying.
by scott mccowan August 23, 2007

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