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a college level course taken in highschool by overachievers and really smart kids. the cause of many sleepless nights. you walk into class the first day and there is 30 people in it...the teacher explains what is to be done the entire year and the next day 10 people remain. those 10 people will go through pure hell for the remainder of the year. and just wait until the AP exam...theres nothing worse then sitting in a room for 3 hours not being able to move...writing two essays doing around 100 multiple choice and reading short stories to do data based questions over. the worst part is on the multiple choice if u guess the wrong answer u get a penalty of i think its 1/2 or a whole point...so ur better off just not answering. the hardest part is to even get finished. i only finished 2/3s of the test and scored a 1. i broke down many times from doing all the homework in that class...atleast 3 hours a nite. if ur lucky. oh ill never forget the number of times i thought about comiting suicide. NEVER take this course. even if u think ur smart...u r smart..then u get in that class and suddenly ur IQ is 50 points lower than it was 2 minutes ago.
AP european history WILL bring u down
by scott branner September 14, 2006

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