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Long, droopy, withered, wrinkly breasts that hang down flat on a woman's chest, looking like a pair of used johnnies (condoms).
"Man, I walked in on mother-in-law while she was getting dressed."

"Hey, did you see her tits?"

"Yeah, but I wish I hadn't. She turned and flashed them at me, but the sight of a couple of chest johnnies turned my stomach."
by scotcher December 04, 2011
Beluga (White Whale, Delphinapterus leucas): A big white but otherwise hot babe, who has particularly pale skin due to her rarely choosing to undress in public, or daylight.
"I've not seen Judy in a bikini before. She's a big girl, but she's hot."

"Yeah, a real Beluga Babe. Tasty."
by scotcher November 26, 2011
The cord hanging out from anal beads, especially if pulled too vigorously.
"Man, that was some scream coming from your room last night. What did you do to her?"

"Yeah. I yanked a little too hard on the ejector cord. She jumped so high I thought she was going to take the roof out like a cockpit canopy."
by scotcher November 24, 2011
A conversation piece you save so that you have something to talk about with your insecure girlfriend in the car.
"Did you tell Jenny about Joe and Ted's break up?"

"No, not yet. I'm saving it for a car con when we go for a drive later. I have to find stuff to talk to her about while I'm driving or she thinks I don't love her any more."
by scotcher November 18, 2011
A cheap (probably free) and meaningless gift that is meant to be an expression of love for your girlfriend, given with the sole intention of persuading her to have sex.
A typical sex coupon would be food or drink presented as heart shapes: cake, buttered bread, froth on a Cappuccino.

Another sex coupon would be something like a heart shaped key ring you got free with some expensive stuff you bought for yourself.
by scotcher February 04, 2012

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