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"beggar" typed by a person too stupid to spell it correctly.
I told that fool to get a spell check add-on for Firefox but he wouldn't google it. He kept asking me for it over and over, "plz, plz d00d." Damn I hate beggers!
by Scithe March 29, 2010
being or having a combination of looks, charm and intelligence.
There was no way I could get the girl when I had to compete against a suchos.
by Scithe March 27, 2007
Esoke means "it's ok," "it's alright," "no worries."

Pronounced eh-soh-kay. This word originated by Mexican immigrants in the United States. Esoke may also be a spanglish combination of "es" meaning "is" in Spanish along with the English phrase, "OK."
You didn't know what esoke means? Esoke man! You can just look it up on urban dictionary.

Jefe: "Pedro, we need you to work all seven days this week. Is that alright?"

Pedo: "Esoke"

Jefe: "Are you sure?"

Pedo: "Yeah, esoke."
by Scithe October 17, 2010
Slang for what about.
waddabout using this sentence as an example?

I suppose that could work but waddabout we just make up a different sentence instead.

Waddabout Bob?
by Scithe August 30, 2010
Using your cat, kitten or kitteh to create images or video for internet distribution.
Lolcats started off amusing but now there is just too much catsploitation on the internet.
by Scithe June 02, 2011
Retarded or "special"
"Herp da derp I'm speffle!" -- short bus passenger
by Scithe August 11, 2011
a portmanteau of "no props"
That guy's youtube video was 4 minutes of my life wasted; he gets nops!
by Scithe December 08, 2008

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