2 definitions by schnibbly wonka

fat mike is the coolest man known to walk the planet. Also one of the most incredibly smartest, in more than one way. For those of you who disagree, turn off the radio, and listen to the music.

baa baa baa is what the sheep say. The radio is your sheperd. Follow your sheperd, little sheep. Follow him.
you are retarded for not loving fat mike.
by schnibbly wonka November 01, 2004
A special pony with glittery hooves and a silver thread mane who will frolick in the dew with the sparkley fairies and the llamas in Wobeniekenstein, the land of the free, home of the whopper.
The sparkley Pony ran wildly through the meadows and frolicked in the dew with Floyd, the equivalent of Jesus.
by schnibbly wonka November 01, 2004

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