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A group of extremely rad, extremely scene kids. Most likely seen hanging out in scummy bars downtown. Goes to many shows. Also has tendency to be cursed out. Especially by ten year olds with street gangs. Makes friends with all bands they meet. Usually wear skinny jeans so tight they can't scratch itches on their legs. Or run. Or they'll rip.
Sit on thier bestfriend so he can kiss their ass. Wear band tees, and write "FUCK ME" on their hands. Myspace whores by day, show hoppers by night. PLay miserable at best on piano. WARNING: may cause sudden urges to have h0t, unprotected S3XXX.

*Bends over sterling's face* kiss my ass, sterling!
what you laughing at, white boy?!
*elias winks at nora for telling him to fuck her* *nora melts on the scummy bar floor*
brit gets held back and gets seperated from skullfucker tribe by n00b from step up productions.
omg, i have the sudden urge to play nintendo!
by scene kid 101 class of 2009 April 05, 2008

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