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A bro hoe is a white girl who hangs out with "bro's" that dirtbike. They die their hair half blonde, half black. Wear brands such as Skin, SoCal, and SRH. They like to smoke weed, drink beer, be ignorant, oh and they DGAF (don't give a fuck.) You can usually find these types of fake girls at the mall, in No Fear stores... or at southern California teen parties, usually doing a keg stand or smoking a bong.
Basically a bitch who thinks she's one of the guys because she rolls with his crew, but those guys only chill with her because she gives them head.
A bro hoe typically wears bandannas, drives lifted trucks, over do their mascara, have belly-button piercings that flaunt their beer belly, smoke and drink to prove to the "bro's" that they're chill.
by scandalous synn April 14, 2006
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