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The best co-ed christian sports camp ever. Located in the heart of pennsylvania, on either Lake Gloria or the preferred Quemahoning Reservoir (better). There are ongoing competitions between the two rival teams, the red hott romans and the cool blue galatians. The consolers, AKA the Corinthians, ref everything. Enjoy the dining hall singing, the Trips (the biking trip results in manyyy bruises), activities such as basketball, soccer, track, archery, swimming, dance, zip-lining, rock climbing and repelling, art, water slide, boating, the aqua tramp, and best yet, THE BLOB! Team campfires are always the best topsecret meetings, getting decked out in red or blue and going to the respective meeting area. Its always of the most suspense at the end of the term when the team captains from the Romans and Galatians tear open the package containing the red or blue flag distinguishing the winner. Though purpling is prohibited, it does not stop boy crazy girls from the older cabins to find young love. In past years girls at Term 2 residing along the Que have fallen for the Galatian Captain, the camps true heartbreaker, or one of the young fellows on the kitchen crew. After two weeks of work, spiritual growth, and most of all love, it is next to impossible to leave the camp.
Lost Soul: Hey dude, I've got nothing to do this summer. Know of any awesome, crazy, up-beat, intense, competitive, and over all amazing place I could go to??

Dude(Roman Captain): Yes you poor lost soul. Let me be the Good Samaritan. I will take you to Summer's Best Two Weeks, where you will have the time of your life. In fact, I will be even happier to ensure for you that you go to Term 2 at the Que, and even better, I'll throw in the fact that YOU can be a Red Hot Roman! So go "Al Veera Vyra Voom" to your suitcase and pack all your red!

Lost Soul That's Not So Lost Anymore: Thank you, you have shown me the light!
by sb2dubsloves June 14, 2009

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